By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
September 5, 2007

After a week at home, we headed far west to Monroe, WA and then down to Tijuana, MX for WHR Motorsports. Our last time out with the truck we had completely destroyed the body beyond repair. We called our good friends over at GTS Fiberglass and had them punch out a new Ford F-150 for us, then drove 24 hours straight to go pick the new body up and get it back to the shop so we could prep and paint it for this trip. We had only one night to do all of the prep and paint, and rebuild all of the destroyed body mounts. Time was working against us, so we didn't get the Martial Law paint scheme on the truck, but we did get it nice and shiny blue and placed some smaller logos on it for these two shows.

After being up all night painting, finishing at 6:30, we loaded the truck in the trailer still sticky, and drove 1700 miles straight through to get to Monroe. The racetrack was a lot of fun with a huge tabletop at the starting line, then turning into a chase course with 3 jumps. It was on pavement, which worked against us with our lockers, but we still made it through the night without major breakage. For freestyle, we pulled a few awesome wheelies, dragging the wheelie bar across the pavement, and getting awesome air off of the huge pile of cars.

Friday night we loaded and up and hit the road to Tijuana, Mexico. I was a little leary at first about doing this, but I'm very glad I did it. TJ was such an awesome place to hang out. The fans are absolutely crazy, blowing off fire works into the crowd and climbing onto the trailers during our 2 hour long parade all through town. They hadn't seen monster trucks down there in a long time, so they were very excited to have us and treated us very very well.

The racetrack was setup a lot like Monroe, but was on dirt this time. We went up against Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter first round and were eliminated. This gave us plenty of time to prepare for Freestyle. We had tweaked a swaybar pretty good in racing, but got it all taken care of before freestyle. Before the show, Jimmy told me to hit the first obstacle big and announce my presense. I did just that. I absolutely launched over the van stack as fast as I could, then turned it around and launched just as hard into the side of the school bus. The truck was feeling really good, so I made a few more hits before returning to the school bus for one more ride. I got lined up, jammed it into 2nd gear, held it to the floor and launched. When the truck landed nose-heavy, it snapped the end right off the swaybar and this would end my run.

After the show, we tossed a new swaybar on it, and loaded up at about 3:30am. The next day we headed back to San Diego and all had breakfast at Ihop. The other teams that we worked with were some of our favorites. They included Bounty Hunter, Iron Outlaw, Dragon Slayer, Captain Insano, Obsession, Natural High, and Big Dummy. This was an awesome group of guys and we all helped eachother out. Can't wait to do it again next year!

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