By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
October 24, 2007

After our Eve of Destruction last week, we loaded up and headed down to Florida. I was looking for some warm air, we I got, but it came with a price. It rained every day we were down there. The track was covered so it didn't affect racing or the fans.

The first night here started off bad with Instigator blowing up a motor. He broke the end right off the crankshaft in introductions. We went out for wheelie contest and did a good job, but Steven Hill from Ocala would take the trophy home for this, but not before blowing the rear main seal out of his hemi.

Racing was setup Chicago-style. We went up first round with Bruce Haney in Bad News Travels Fast. He beat us out this round, but we came back for another round when Project X didn't make it back for racing. The kill radio in our truck shut us down after the second hit so we would lose this round as well.

Next up was freestyle, and it was fun. Right off the bat, I decided to start cross-threading the track. This is one of my favorite things to do because the truck is almost out of control then and the ride is much more fun, plus it looks cooler for the fans. I almost rolled over when I crossed the van stack sideways, but was able to save that brand new body and paint job.

The next night started off much better for everybody. Again, we went out for wheelie contest, but Steven Hill was able to take it home again. Before the end of the night, we ended up tearing up a pinion. Steven made it back out for freestyle and put on a great show for his hometown crowd, ending his run by rolling the truck over after hitting the van stack sideways.

We had an awesome time down in Ocala. The teams were great. Our great friend Kevin Poore was down there in Project X. It's always fun running with him because you just never know what he's going to pull off in that truck of his.

Orville Hill, owner of Southern Monster Truck Showdown, was there with his parents all weekend. They cooked huge vats of food for all of us, which was awesome. As I had said before, monster truckers love real food. The first night we had spaghetti and strawberry cake. The second night we had beef stew. I've worked with SMTS before and had a great time, and I look forward to working with them in 2008!

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