By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
October 15, 2007

It's been nice having our first real break of the year to relax a little bit and give the truck some much needed shop time. This thing has been rolled over, smashed in the ground, the wheels litteraly driven off of it, and now finally we can take a minute to do some real work to it, as opposed to the 'first aid' that's been done to it at the racetracks.

After work on the axles, brand new paint, and rebuilding the shocks, we headed out to Kaukauna, WI for our first Eve of Destruction. Wow, what a boatload of fun. They destroy anything that has wheels. They had school bus figure 8 racing, trailer racing, jet trucks, and my favorite was the steel wall. They had set 10 cars up on end, and had a stock crown victoria hit the wall of cars at 100 mph. His goal was to set a world record and make it through all 10 cars. He made it through 7 of them, but it was still awesome to watch.

Our part of this show was to do a two truck freestyle with Mitch Teluchka in his Geterdone truck. Mitch is a friend of mine, and is a good dude with nice truck. It was a lot of fun to go out and freestyle at the same time as him. We sorta chased eachother around the track before going to seperate ends of the track and burning our names into the grass with some crazy donuts. We each rode out a few wheelies, then finally parked them and called it quits because they were overheating.

Next we headed over to Elko Speedway in Elko, MN. It's always nice to run the local stuff and meet a lot of people that had seen us around the MN area. This was another Eve of Destruction. The highlight of this night was the spectator drags. These people were bringing in really nice cars, some of them very new. One of guys there had a nice Grand Prix supercharged. When he was coming out of turn two, he tagged the wall and tore his car up pretty good. I felt bad for him, but it was pretty cool to watch.

Once they were done, we took to the course with the monsters. Again, we got to freestyle two trucks at a time, which is always a lot of fun. We broke a sway bar link, so the truck was leaning really bad in the turns. Since this was a freestyle only night, it actually made the ride more fun for me. If the truck handles too nice, it sometimes isn't as much fun! You get the thing rocking back and forth on you and then you really need to do some driving just to keep it rubber side down.

Now we're headed out to Ocala, Fl to go find some warm air. It's about 40 degrees here now and I'm cold. I know that in a few months, I'll be begging for 40 degree whether, but for now, I'm gonna head to Florida where I know it's warm right now!

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