By Kaila Savage - Martial Law Monster Truck
March 17, 2008

It has been a cold winter and we were looking forward to finally finding some warm air. Before heading south we had a week at the shop to give Martial Law the TLC that it needed after 7 Monster Jam events in a row, so going into the event we know we had a good strong truck for Paul to compete with in his last competition for 1st quarter.

We got to racetrack and the sun was shining it was a beautiful 80 degrees out! We had no more than opened the trailer doors to get everything unloaded and got a phone call that a different truck couldn’t make it to a remote display that was set up with the local FOX TV station at V-Tech Truck Accessories, so we headed across town to set the truck up and do live interviews throughout the evening news. It was a good time, they even had dinner waiting for us and fans. Got to love Texas brisket.

Friday night Paul was put up against Project X first round, driver Kevin Poore seemed to be having difficulties keeping Porject X charged properly so Paul came away easily with a victory. Paul made his way to the finals to face Steven Hill in the Monkey’n Around truck. The light turned green and Paul had him off the line, but Paul got into the throttle a little too much apparently because Martial Laws wheels where spinning in the dirt and by the time they hooked up and he flew over the cars, with it being one of the shorter race tracks, Monkey’n Around had him beat by a tire.

Freestyle was next. Paul was disappointed with the outcome in the racing finals so he had a plan to go BIG in Freestyle. He drove by the fans in the crowd waved to them, then turned around with a few hundred feet between him and the cars and ripped it wide open. The closer he got to the cars I realized that he didn’t plan on letting off the gas (normally when there are no dirt ramps up to the cars you don’t hit them wide open) I was standing there thinking oh my gosh, what is he doing?!?!?! I was right he didn’t slow down, he hit the cars wide open his first in hit in the freestyle competition. I have seen every race pass and every freestyle run Paul has made driving Martial Law and that hit off the cars by far was the most air ever. When he landed on the right 2 tires the rebound in the shocks was way too much, throwing Martial Law high in the air all the way over to the left, I thought Paul would saved it (I have seen him save it out of some moves the truck looked like it was completely on the side inches from the ground) the RII (Remote Ignition Interrupter Safety Device) must have been pushed while the truck was in the air sideways because the engine lost power and the truck shut off which resulted in a violent crash. The fans loved it, they were all on their feet cheering as Paul crawled out of the truck and waved.

In the Saturday night competition for the first time ever Paul ran Martial Law without the body . There just was not enough time over night for all the fiberglass work to be done and ready in less than 14 hours. So we put some stickers on the lexan and Paul was excited to put on a crazy show for the fans. He made his way through the racing brackets to face Steven Hill in the Monkey’n Around truck again in the final round. We changed the gearing in the transfer case so the tires wouldn’t spin off the line in the loose dirt, and it proved to be useful, Paul got the win in racing. So with each Paul and Steven having one racing win in the event Sunday racing would interesting as they needed a tie breaker for the weekend.

When freestyle came the announcer let the crowd know that Paul had rolled Martial Law over the night before and to watch for big things out of the Martial Law truck with no body. Paul was rippen all over the track hitting ever obstacle, clearing them all getting just crazy air. He saved the motor home that was added to the track for the Saturday night event for the end (or what I thought would be the end since he had already hit everything on the track multiple times) and he did what looked like a great finale to me, he hit the stack leading up to the motor home with so much speed he pretty much cleared the huge motor home. Just when the crowd thought it was over and was cheering really loud he drove over to the van stack and hit it again and came out of it with an awesome wheelie, then he went and parked in front of the fans and revved up the motor, jumped out and waved. Paul captured his first Freestyle win of the year.

Sunday there was a lot of thrashing in the pits before the event started. Three events in three days came be hard on equipment. Monster trucks get more abuse than most of the parts on them are designed to hold up to, so it is really hard work to keep it all together with little time between events and to go over everything and change out parts as needed. With that said by the time the opening ceremonies took place all the trucks were on the track and ready to go. Paul made it to the final round of racing for the 3rd time in the weekend long event, but instead of facing Steven Hill in the Monkey’n Around truck that he had the previous two nights, Drew Haywood driving the Dream Catcher truck made his way to the finals. I was a little nervous, Dream Catcher is a fast truck and Drew and been improving his times off the line over the weekend. The light went green and Paul once again got the hole shot off the line, the race wasn’t over yet though, Dream Catcher was right there with him catching up, it was a close race but Martial Law made it over the finish line first by a slight margin. It was exciting to see Paul end his 1st quarter season with back to back racing victories just like he started off the year in Evansville.

Last but not least I would like to thank my mom and dad for coming down to Corpus Christi and helping us out for the weekend and sharing in our fun. Off to the beach now for a couple days of relaxation before VEGAS!!!!!


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