By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
July 29, 2007

On July 26th, Martial Law headed to a pre-race appearance in Marquette to visit the Sundera Special Olympic House. We got to hang out here for a few hours the day before our race in Escanaba, MI. We were able to chat with a bunch of people, take some really cool pictures, and let everybody (who wanted to) sit in the Martial Law monster truck to get their picture taken. We even brought 6 pizzas along with us (thanks to Little Caesars of Marquette) to make sure everybody got fed. They never had a monster truck in their driveway before, so it was really a huge hit for them. Ted, you never emailed those pictures to me, so fire them on over when they're ready :-)

We pulled into Escanaba just as it was getting dark out and everybody was getting their trucks ready for the J-style turning course racing, and the awesome freestyle setup, featuring a bus stack. We had broken a front locker in the truck, which made this hair-pin turning course difficult to compete on, but we still ran very hard and proved to be very competetive.

We were driving hard into the sun off the line, down the muddy straight-away, then we would turn towards our competetors (for a split second), get the truck turned around and pointed the way we just came from, and hammer down all the way to the finish line, over two large dirt ramps. The truck would barely touch ground in no-mans-land before absolutely launching the trucks over the second jump.

Friday night, we got a bye-run first round out due to another truck being unable to compete, and we defeated Pure Vengeance in the semi-finals to take us to the finals with TMAXX. Paul was put in the left lane where the broken locker really hurt him, and he took 2nd place. Freestyle was cut short due to some radio interference in the track, shutting down Pauls RII system. This same interference had just shut down Pure Vengeance right before we went out to freestyle. This didn't happen before some really nice hits were made on the car/van/car stack though.

Saturday night would see Martial Law over Sudden Impact in the first round. We both took off hard off the line, both spinning our tires all the way down the straight away. We both slid through the turn, but Sudden Impact actually bumped the rear tire of Martial Law, lining us up perfectly for a win to the the semi-finals. Semi-Finals would be against Project X. It was a very very close race that I wouldn't have wanted to call, but Martial Law won this round, earning a place in the finals against Viper for the second night this weekend. The finals would be the same as friday night, getting put in that left lane and sending us home with 2nd place.

Freestyle Saturday was awesome. There was nothing on the track that Martial Law didn't hit, at least once. The dirt ramps, cars, vans, and the bus were all destroyed earning second place to wrap up the weekend.

One of the best things about this weekend was the food. Monster Truck drivers love real food. Aaron Anderson and his family drove up to Escanaba to hang out for the weekend. They were awesome, and I hope they keep showing up wherever we are at! They fed us the entire weekend - real food - real desserts - cold water!

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