By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
July 23, 2007

We just returned from a very successful trip to Canada. Our trip started out in Winnipeg, MB. The track was pretty tacky from rain the day before. It was also very rutted up, making it difficult to keep the truck in a straight line. Even with the track conditions, we were able to take home a racing win this weekend. Martial Law defeated Eliminator, Shattered, and finally a close win over Maniac in the finals.

For freestyle we went out and did our thing. Got great air off the jumps, hit every obstacle out there, and rode out a one-wheeled slap-wheelie off the dirt MotoCross jump.

Next we went to Estevan, SK. This was a freestyle event on a huge infield track. Martial Law laid down a couple of awesome wheelies, dragging the wheelie bar half way across the infield and getting good air off of the van stacks. We would take home the silver from Estevan and head next door to Lethbridge, AB.

In Lethbridge, we got to hang out at Don Frankish's (owner of Maniac and Jurassic Attack) house for a couple days. He and his family were kind enough to barbeque some steaks, let us work in their shop, and even drive their vehicle around to chase parts down. We had some motor repairs to do, but nothing that would keep us from competing in this freestyle-only event. The track was small, so it was a little bit tricky to manuever the truck around. We were able to get good air off the the van stacks, and ride out an awesome wheelie off the dirt hill. We didn't get to hang out very long after this final stop in our Canada tour because we had more events to get to nearly 2000 miles away, in just a few days.

We would like to thank Don and his family for their hospitality. We were very happy to be able to come to Canada to compete and look forward to doing so again in the future. The fans in Canada are awesome, they love big trucks, and they love four-wheel-drive! So, neighbors to the North, we'll be seeing you again 1st quarter of 2008 in Winnipeg. Make sure you stop by during the pit party to say Hi to Paul and Kaila, and get your picture taken with the Martial Law monster truck.

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