By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
January 27, 2008

Now we're done at the dome, it's time to head to Little Rock, AR to find some "warmish" air. We haven't been warm all winter yet, and we've still got Winnipeg to do! I was pretty excited about Little Rock for a few reasons. The first reason was I get to hang out with my little brother who I haven't seen since June of 2006. He is married and lives in Springfield, MO. Another reason was I get to run with a couple good friends of mine, Greg Adams with the Bar's Leaks Eliminator and Joe Sylvester with Bad Habit. And the last reason, as mentioned, it is supposed to be warmer there and it is here! So, a perfect weekend, right? WRONG!

I'm about 150 miles from the shop, in the middle of the night, it's 30 below zero, and I'm on my way to Little Rock. The semi starts knocking horribly. I just had it serviced 8 days earlier, so I'm expecting no problems at all. I pull over and check the oil, and it's full and clean. I call a tow truck to have it hauled to Freightliner, and find out that I popped the motor. It spun the #5 bearing and tore up all kinds of parts. So I put a call in to my friend Tim Huston and we go rent a daycab. That's all they had available. Now there are three of us stuck in this 2 seater daycab all the way to Little Rock. At least the heat works in it though. We get to Kansas City and lose all air. It was still not warm out though, and again, in the middle of the night. In the 10 below zero weather, Kaila crawled under the trailer and wrapped a half roll of duct tape around the air tank. So at least now we can build air pressure and make it there.

We arrive in Little Rock Thursday night and tire the truck up outside. It was about 40 degrees out, so it seemed like tropical weather to us. The front end had come apart in the Monster Truck at the Metrodome the weekend before, so we swapped in a new differential and we were set. The weekend only got better from here on out. We went out for the donut contest and almost rolled the truck, again, but it was a cool donut. This brought us into racing. We were fast, but getting way too much air. We were paired up with Predator. He was able to stay lower and keep power to the ground, so he snuck by us by inches.

For freestyle, we only had cars to hit, but it was still a lot of fun. There were no ramps up to the cars, so we were able to actually catch really good air and had a lot of fun. We hit them every way we could, and worked with what we had, wripped a donut and waved to the crowd after nearly rolling the truck for the second time this weekend.

After the show, we jumped in the go cart and pounded on that for a while. Gotta have toys! We tried to RTI it, but it really doesn't flex much :-) So we raced around the track with Ed Eckert on his quad, then took it outside for a beating. One hit that I took actually bent the frame on it pretty good, so I'll have some work to do when I get home.

Even though this weekend started out so horribly, it was actually one of my best weekends ever since I got the monster truck. I had so much fun just hanging out down here, and getting crazy with everybody. Everybody was helping eachother back in the pits and we all just got along great. Every weekend should be like this.

Now it's time to daycab it home again. We decided to head straight to Rockford and drop the trailer, just so I know for sure that I'll make it there next weekend. Then we can get rid of this daycab and hopefully pick my semi up again from the shop.

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