By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
January 12, 2008

After 2 months of thrashing on the Martial Law Monster Truck, getting it all ready for a full 1st quarter Monster Jam schedule, we were able to dominate racing in Evansville, IN.

The weekend started out with a display at one of Monster Jam's sponsors, Advanced Auto Parts, in Henderson, KY. We hung out with the Districk Manger, Ernie for the day. The display went great! Fans were in and out of there all day long, they stocked up on all of their favorite Monster Jam toys, and took home coupons for discount event passes. After the display, Ernie took us out for steaks, then we headed to the track to get setup for the weekend.

It was nice to see some old friends that we hadn't gotten to see for a few months. Mark Shrader was there in Devastor, as well as Jim Bendzick in Rolling Thunder. These are tough competitor that had been pounding on me the year before.

Friday night we took 2nd place in the wheelie content, and Rolling Thunder took 1st. We nearly rolled the truck, right out of the gate, but a good save earned us a 24. In racing, Martial Law eliminated Quadzilla in the first round, matching us up with Devastator for second round. Being a tough competitor, I knew he wasn't gonna lay down for me, so we really had to push it. We were able to barely squeeze our first win by Devastator. This would pair us up with Rolling Thunder in the finals. Again, a tough round, but with some huge huge air, we were able to take home the win! This was awesome. Our first show out for the year, first night of racing, and we won. The only thing that could make this weekend go better, is another racing win Saturday night.

Saturday night would put us up first round with Quadzilla again, and would be repeat win from Friday night. This sent us to the semi's with Rolling Thunder after his defeat against Freedom Force. We were in the 'unfavorable' of the two lanes, but still pulled off a win. Devastator still had lane choice for the finals, and put us in that lane again that nobody was liking, but it didn't matter. The light went green and we dropped the hammer, to send us to victory lane for the second night in a row! I was so excited, I ran up in the crowd to meet some kids, give away a free tshirt, then headed back to the pits to shake Mark's hand for an awesome round of racing.

I grew up watching these guys, and spent a year or so getting beat by them, so it felt absolutely great to pack up my trailer and head up, undefeated. I look very very forward to running with them again.

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