By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
February 4, 2008

It's a good thing that I have a good sense of humor, and am blessed with a bad memory. My good sense of humor shows me the funny side of the story, and my bad memory makes sure I forget the rest. If you've been reading up on this, you know that we already dropped our trailer in Rockford, Il because that is where we were booked. My semi is still sitting at Freightliner with a blown up motor, and we still haven't found a new motor yet. Last Wednesday, our good friends with USHRA called to change the schedule, due to some other trucks not being able to make the event. We got switched to Fargo. So, the day before the event, we rented the daycab again, drove all the way to Rockford, hooked up to the trailer, then the blizzard hit. We crawled through that for about 5 hours, then the weather cleared and we drove all night to get to Fargo. Those two sentences took about 24 hours to do though. We didn't get the same daycab that we had last week. This one was gutless and could only do 55-60 at best, getting about 4mpg. But once again, we made it and I was happy to be in Fargo.

I've never been to the Fargodome so I didn't know what to expect, and I didn't know who was going to be here. I was very pleasantly surprised to see this building is HUGE. We had tons of dirt, and were back to turning course racing. The lineup was awesome too. We had Captains Curse, Monster Mutt Dalmation, An Escalade, Grave Digger, Rolling Thunder, Freedom Force, and Dominator. Again, a lot of old friends, and a few new ones.

We started off the event with a wheelie contest. We ended up tearing up the box sides and tailgate, pulling off an awesome wheelie. The truck was working great, making good power, and everything was just working, so we were ready to race. I was put up against a very tough Alex Blackwell in Captains Curse. The truck lifted off the line and launched over the first car stack. We had tried some different stuff with the suspension to make it corner better, and it actually worked. We were able to fly through the first turn and line up for the second car stack. I was about 2 trucks ahead of Alex at this time. I couldn't believe it, I was actually going to win. I slowed down way too much in the last turn, trying to be careful to not mess this race up, and he capitalized on that. He absolutely matted it and tore through the turn on two wheels, and finished inches before we did.

I was pretty excited about racing, because I knew I made him run, so it got me really pumped for freestyle. The track was actually pretty cool. They had a really steep wheelie bump, a van stack on top of a pile of dirt, and we had the back side of the race cars, not to mention the huge track with all kinds of room on it. I hit the wheelie bump once, but didn't get quite the wheelie I was looking for, so the next time I lined up for it, I hit it wide open just to see what kind of air I could get. That was the most air I had seen all weekend. The ramp was only about 3 feet tall, but it seriously launched the truck half way across the track. Then I hit the van stack twice. The second hit took out our tie rod, but I wasn't done yet. I had no front steering and the wheels were flopping around all over the place, but I still had rear steer, and my right foot was still working great. So I did the best I could to point it at the big stack and mash the loud pedal. We crossthreaded it pretty good and nose-dived into the next stack. As much as I tried, that poor truck just wouldn't move anymore. The crowd was going crazy. The love busted parts, and we delivered!

Now, we're off to Winnipeg! More to come next week. Gonna head to the shop, glue the truck back together, and head north.

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