By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
February 25, 2008

This is where I did my very first event in December of 2005. I won a freestyle event both nights back then, and I came back here looking for another win. I love Rapid. I race here in the Winter, then hang out here for a week in the Summer for the Sturgis Bike Week. I've also got some pretty good friends out here that I knew I would get to hang out with, so it was gonna be another great weekend, no matter what.

The night started off with the wheelie contest again, and once again there was body damage. I'm glad the fans like it, otherwise I'd be pretty disappointed with how many body parts I wreck doing wheelies. It launched completely vertical and airborne, smashing the tailgate into the middle of the car stack.

A couple of the other teams had been talking some smack here about racing, so I knew I had to run hard. We all like to talk trash, but we all mean well and all help eachother out. The first round of racing put me up against Extreme Eagle with Jon Anderson. This punk came over and gave me a hug right before we raced, and told me he feels bad for how terribly I'm gonna get beat by him. It was on like Donkey Kong after this. I pulled up to the line and loaded the converter till the brakes couldn't hold the truck anymore. As soon as that light went green, I launched. I never even touched the cars. I landed on the other side of the finish line. I didn't see him next to me yet, and I knew I won, but I couldn't find him. I turned the truck around and he's still sitting at the starting line. This was not cool. I wanted an honest race, so I went back to line up again. I don't need handouts like this, so I pulled up to the line, and before the light went green, he just drove off. I thought he was messing with me, but apparently there were some electrical issues he was having. I've got his number for May though, and I'll throw another whoopin' at him then.

Now I'm in the finals with Monkey N' Around and his big bad hemi. He wants to try to tell me to not tear my truck up even trying to compete with a hemi. I love Steven and his family to death, but he cut his own throat here too. Again, I loaded that converter till the brakes couldn't hold the truck. When that light went green, I was off like a prom dress. It was a very close race, but my Chevrolet motor pulled away from the Hemi and I won the race. This felt great because I hadn't won racing in a few weeks, and I needed this badly. This would set the pace for my next weekend out with him in two weeks when meet up in Texas.

The night had been getting drug out pretty long, so they cut all of our freestyles short. We only got 4 hits, then had to park it. We all did basically the same hits, then stuffed the trucks in the corner. It was still fun, but would have been better to go tear it up like we normally get to. Again, save it for another weekend I guess.

This was my third time in Rapid City, and I've now got three wins here. Two freestyle wins and a racing win. I can't wait to come back next winter and tear it up some more. Now we're off to Texas to FINALLY find some warm air. After Texas, we head to the NGK Sparkplugs Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada! See you there!

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