By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
February 12, 2008

We got our semi back and nomore daycabbing it! It's nice to have the big motorhome box, beds, fridge, etc. I never realized now nice it all was before. But where are the palm trees? I thought Winnipeg was on a tropical island somewhere by Puerto Rico :-) No, even with the 53 below zero temps, Winnipeg was awesome. Once again, I had a blast here.

The lineup this weekend was another good one, as they always are at USHRA Monster Jam events. We had Superman, Safe Auto Minimizer, Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, and Dominator. The guys at the track were awesome to us. They let us pull our rigs right inside to tire up, and it was nice and warm in there. They had a nice room there for all the crew with couches, TV, showers, and anything else we needed. It was a very nice facility.

The race night started off with wheelies again. And again, we tore up some body parts. Our truck does some of the best sky wheelies out there. It's very easy to stand this old thing up on the tailgate. The hard part is keeping it from going too far, and landing on its lid. This brought us to qualifying where we were paired up with Superman. It was another turning course, but a little tighter turns that what we're used to. We used qualifying to sorta get a feel for the track. The turns actually ended up being perfect for us. First round of racing would be a repeat of qualifying, putting us against Superman. Now that we're familiar with the track, we could push it a little harder through them turns and it paid off. We almost knocked down a turning poll, were able to make a legal pass and get around it without it falling over and edged off a first round win against Superman. The semi finals put us against the long standing Thunder Nationals Champion, Mike Vaters in Black Stallion. In the worst way possible, I wanted to put him on the trailer. When that light went green, we both launched hard and tore through our first turn. I saw that I was ahead of him by just a little bit, so I floored it over the next set of cars. I wasn't completely squared up, so it threw me sideways a little bit. But I was lined up nice for the last turn. We both slid through the turn and it was wide open over the last set of cars. Neither of us was lined up perfect for it, and we both got tossed around quite a bit. In one my my closest races ever, he got me, and he continued on the the finals. As soon as the race was over, he came over to me and said "You wanted me bad, didn't you?". I sure did, and I'll get another shot at him. Until then, lets get ready for freesytle.

They had a nice big pile out in the middle of the racetrack for us. It was a van stack on top of a huge pile of dirt. This stack was so nice though. You could hit it from any angle. You could crossthread it, hit the nose, the rear, anything. We laid down a solid run, hitting everything we could as hard as we could, but again Vaters would win with his reverse hits over the van stack.

All in all, we had a great weekend in Winnipeg. Everybody was so cool to hang out with. We made a lot of new friends here and can't wait to run with them again. A couple of them, we get to run with next weekend in Cincinnati, so I'll be looking forward to it!

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