By Paul Strong - Martial Law Monster Truck
August 11, 2007

What a wild time at the county fairs! We started off in Moville, Iowa on August 1st. Other competitors there were Eliminator, Mongoose, and Geterdone. We pulled in the night before the race, to get our truck all setup and ready to race. We were able to even find a few minutes to relax and hang out with Mike Fonder and his family. Mike owns the promotions company that hired us to be there, American Promotions Motorsports Entertainment. We've run with Mike a few times and he has always been absolutely great to us.

This one night event featured side-by-side drag racing, and freestyle. The track was short for racing, but the jumps were violent. That's the way we like them. The more air, the better. It's more fun to the fans, and it's more fun to us. Our fun would see us to yet another 2nd place in racing, warming us up for a wild freestyle.

Freestyle is done sort of like racing at these events. Two trucks go freestyle, and a winner is chosen. Then the next two trucks freestyle, and a winner is chosen. Then those two winners go freestyle again to place them 1st and 2nd. There were only cars and dirt ramps here, so we had nothing but a very heavy right foot to rely on to get us to the finals against Geterdone. Paul was hitting the cars so hard, and getting some of the best air of the night off them. He rode wheelies, did donuts, and skied the truck into a respectable 1st place win for the night.

From here, we headed to Rochester, MN. The rain was torential, and the wind was even worse. The tempurature had dropped 30 degrees, and the mud was a foot deep and slick as ice. This didn't stop us from a wheelie contest win, and a 2nd place finish in racing. We won our first round of freestyle against the Napa Monster Truck, bringing us to the finals along side Minnesota-based Jim Bendzicks Rolling Thunder. He and I both being local, knew we had something to prove. We both laid down awesome runs, getting good air and slinging a lot of mud. We were sliding from one side of the track to the other, hitting the obstacles from every angle possible, cross-threading the van stack, and doing reverse donuts. It would only prove to be enough for a 2nd place finish to Jim's amazing cyclones. We're just glad the gold stayed here in Minnesota, so congrats out to you Jim!

Oshkosh, WI would be our next stop in the tour. Again, we showed up to race, and we showed up to win. Laying down an awesome qualifying pass would only begin this memorable night. Martial Law was put up first round against Eliminator. We took the left lane, loaded the converter, and absolutely launched off the line. We were driving hard into the sun, and our windshield was very scratched up from all the mud in Rochester just a few nights before. When that sun hit the windshield, it was very difficult to see the second jump. "When in doubt, throttle out" is what they say. So that's what we did. Never lifted, and just held her to the wood over the second jump. We weren't quite lined up for it and just brushed the side of it enough to send the Martial Law truck into a wide-open, cart-wheel, end-over-end rollover. This truck is pretty tough though, so when it landed on it's wheels, we drove back to the pits, checked truck over and made sure it was ready for freestyle. We won this race, earning us a place in the semi-finals, but we didn't make it back for racing because we were working on the truck to make sure it could return for freestyle. Once freestyle came, the gloves were off again. Hitting every obstacle out there, standing the truck up right on the wheelie bar, and launching over the van stack would wrap up our third fair event in this tour, sending us back to New Ulm, MN.

New Ulm was a special show for us, for many reasons. Eric, Janelle, and Ethan Reetz were here. We did a birthday party in May for Ethan, and have become great friends since then. Paul's twin daughters, Alexis and Alyssa were here, and Paul had one final surprise for the end of the night, which we'll talk about in a little bit.

Paul showed up to win everything, absolutely everything. This night was dedicated to Ethan, and Paul was not going to send a 5 year old boy home disappointed. The first win of the night would come in the wheelie contest. Paul launched hard over the cars standing the truck up completely verticle and airborne, and cleared all the cars landing hard on the wheelie bar. This would take us to qualifying where Paul laid down the fastest qualifying pass, giving him lane choice for first round. Looking back, he should have taken that left lane. It would be Martial Law and Pure Vengeance first round of racing. They both pulled a good light, hit the cars hard, but the trucks turned toward eachother and rubbed a little paint. Martial Law came to a safe stop, but not before getting run over by Pure Vengeance! This completely destroyed the Martial Law body, but little Ethan got to see us win this round of racing! We were not able to return for racing because we had a tore up truck to get ready for freestyle.

Paul needed to make up for missing that round of racing, in freestyle, and did just that. He hit everything hard, got more air than anybody, did wheelies, donuts, and finally drove the body right off the truck to another freestyle victory. After winning the wheelie contest, being fastest qualifier, winning first round of racing, and winning freestyle, the only other thing he had to do was try to make an honest man out of himself and propose to his girlfriend.

"...the only thing I forgot was the ring!" is what he had to say. Can you believe that? Forgot the ring? That's right, so he bought a ring-pop and proposed with that. Luckily, Kaila has a good sense of humor, and an even better understanding for his bad memory, and she still said YES! The ring was hidden at the shop in his motorcycle so she wouldn't find it. A note from Paul - she's got the ring now and everything is good!

We would like to thank Eric and his family for making it here. We had an awesome time. Everytime Ethan sees that truck, it gets tore up for some reason! We would also like to thank Napa for sponsoring this event, and our truck. We ran most of the Napa series in 2006 and it was great to return in 2007 and win!

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